the images I drew up in my mind Those colors I put them with my heart With happiness sprinkled over it All the efforts of this poet The hate been defeated All the love to it is added It’s beautiful, it’s colourful A masterpiece, wonderful Strong with love, low with hate I created this world, […]

All’s burnt inside of this heart, No sea waves ever worked- On the ashes that turned deep black. My confidence; something I lack now. Beyond that pain, is something I cannot feel Something out there, for me, is real It’s not the happiness any more It’s the deep, dark and black core, The core of […]


I don’t know why I have this feeling? The waves of winds coming to me, Grabs me – as if I have been dreaming! Gathers to me , just to see, Who’s this girl – who’s she? The winds from west makes me happy, They are like familiar to me, They fly & take me […]