Something Wonderful =)

I am just a girl who love pretty things and prettifying things. I like to be something I want to be. that’s lame I know but pretty much true. My favourite colour is yellow, purple and black. I spend way too much time on face book, with my diaries, writing poems and randomn stuff about my life. A lot of people do not like me, my nature and all because I’m one of a Rebellious nature. I am the most happy when I am on my own.. I like music but at times only! I like living up everyday of my life as if the last one. The only things I regret in my life are the one’s I have not done. I feel so so very much Blessed with every li’l thing I have in my life for I know there are still many people who are wishing for a life like mine ❤
I like being alone sometimes because I know I am not actually alone for HE is always and always by my side, in my heart ❤


8 thoughts on “Something Wonderful =)

  1. you’re cute, fun & cuddly 😀 I’m glad you joined the world of bloggers.
    Looking forward to see more of ur posts.
    And please dont poof away from ur blog. Keep it updated. Dont bother ur friends to update it for u 😉 #iykwim 😛
    Best of Luck (Y)
    Happy Blogging ^_^


  2. You are lucky because you know who you are and what you want. Many let others determine that for them.
    I’m glad you didn’t put your other color…black… as the background. I like the bright yellow.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

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