I read this every day! And, I can not tell you How peaceful It makes me feel, How strongly it encourages me to LIVE! <3


To move on, to flow on, to let go, and to forget what hurts is for sure are the hardest ever things to do, but my friend, do we really need to do these things in order to live a peaceful life? Even if you have moved on, does it guarantee any kind of internal peace or solace?
No ! It doesn’t. We invest so much of our life in trying to forget things that have already happened that we are left with almost nothing to invest in today & tomorrow. The hardest challenge of life is to live in “now”. To live one moment at a time. The pain associated with yesterday and the joys of imagining a happy future are both equally intoxicating. We can spend our whole life in thinking about what happened and what we want to happen. We will never even know when life passed by. That’s what we all do. Today, we are so busy in mourning what has gone & cherishing what may never come that we actually do not live.
You don’t need to move on. You need to keep moving. You don’t need to flow, you need to float defying the gravity. You don’t need to let go, but hold on for until it doesn’t hurt. You don’t need to forget. You need to remember that even after you were shattered in a million pieces, you still stand tall. Don’t smile when it aches deep down, but at least cry your heart out so that there’s room for joy. Cry, for hours, days, nights, weeks, months & years. Cry it all out but just for once. Never cry again for the same reason. Joy & happiness can not be acquired. You have to cultivate it. You have to be the source of origin of it. Drift away and apart from yourself, away from being self-centered and look in the direction you always had your back towards. Look and I promise you will find a soul that cares for you so much that it will scare you half to death twice.
Don’t say I am Okay. Don’t be dishonest. If your heart creaks, tear it apart into shreds like a paper. Do it yourself rather than allowing people, circumstances, events, mis-happening-, to do it.
You don’t need to see the good & happy side of life. If focusing on everything that broke you brings you peace, then invest your whole existence in it. Keep looking right in the eye of what broke you until its turns away from you. Life is not terrible my friend, not to live is. To exist like a furniture is.
To live life is the most effortless task you will ever come across. There are a million different ways in which we live our lives everyday. You are living if you can blink, breathe, sweat, yawn.
The most hardest thing about life is not living it. Because to live, you need to exist but to not to live, you need to disappear. Totally.
You are not living my friend, and you say its the hardest thing. Every day is the first day of the rest of your life. Live! when you should. Not when you can. Not when you should’ve. The light that you are is the only source of enlightenment for so many despaired souls. People who love you for the light & energy that you are not for the person. People who love without caring for how you look and whether you even exist or no. People, souls, that wait for their portion of light that you have been showering since the beginning of time.
My friend, live. that’s it. Right away, right now. Period.! ❤



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