Have I really lost you?

“I don’t know what it would be like to be alive in this world when you’re dead. I don’t even know what is all this going on. Why are there so many people coming here and praying for you. Have I lost you? Have I really been left behind all alone in this big filthy world? Arent you there anymore to listen to me and turn those bright eyes to me as I call your name, Baba? Aren’t you there anymore to hold my hand when I stumble across an unseen stone?
Have I really lost you, Baba?
Have I really lost you, my father- my love, my best friend, my buddy, my guardian, my care taker, my coach, my teacher, my mentor, my King, my Baba?

Baba, The pain of your absence pierces me here- right here across my chest now that I have begun to face this world and people without you. I know not how I shall heal but I promise I will. For I know you’d never want to see me in pain. I promise to make you happy and defeat this pain. I’ll let You win, Baba, not the worries. I’ll muster all my courage to be what you want me to be. To do the things you want me to do.
It’s hard- it’s very hard, Baba. But I know what hardships you went through just to make me happy. It’s the time I’ll pay off. And I promise I will. I know you’re looking at me right from there, and you’re smiling, you’re happy to see your little baby all grown up ready to fight, ready to face the challenges, ready to live a life you wanted her to live, and I promise I will always make you smile”

With Love, Your Proud Daughter! ❤IMG_20160602_033656.jpg


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