In the name of the memory. #Repost

Deep inside the Rusting steel, beyond the nail that’s kneeled inside the wall, the droplets of the waterfall and ink drops of the mighty pen’s nib. Each of these do feel, things that aren’t easily felt or said. Because, there’s a dept in every feeling and has it’s own different way to be felt. Same way, there’s a sea inside of me. This sea – it needs to be calmed down. Because, within me the insecurities have grown so far and wide. It’s not just easy – not at all lemon squeezy. I have taken up years and grown up to be like this. Like an immature adult, like a faulty person, like a scratched diamond, like an invisible pearl/ Because I have been hidden all the time. So afraid to say what I really need to. Never been able to make my own decisions, with the courage being crushed up inside me – yes, that’s Me. This invisible worth will remain dormant forever Because, I have lived up like that. I have cried all along, I have been so alone, so completely forlorn. But, through all the tragedies and all the days so bad. I have finally decided to put my hands altogether before my Almighty Allah. I know HE could help me out.  I know HE could seek out what I couldn’t for so long. So long, all these feelings have been inside of me. Because what I need is so unreachable, so ungettable  and untouchable. May be it’s so far, may be its not something I deserve. But, then there’s this voice deep down within me that I know how much I really want it. I believe that all my beliefs will never die. Throughout my downfalls and dissappointments, I have learned not to stop dreaming. And, in my dreaming I have finally discovered what I have always wanted, what I have always prayed for, what I have always so eagerly wished for..  is not too far away. It’s just here – with me m – inside my heart. Yes, it is. I never knew I needed YOU so much, so bad and so intensely. Yes, It’s you, My Lord!

Everything we ever need is never too far away. Even if we are left with nothing on Earth and We know that Allah is there for us. We will never break. We will never shatter like a helpless being. We are all made strong by our beliefs and by our faith in HIM. I have found nothing else but only HIM in the darkest of my hours. It was HIM when I was completely broken. HE helped me stand strong all over again. HE Built up my courage when it had crushed down. Yes, It’s only HIM who I have when I was all left alone. And, now I know I have everything when I really have nothing. And, I know I would never be able to repay HIM ever, ever in my lifetime and even in the world hereafter. I know when I am dead, this memory Is going to live forever, in everybody’s life. We all are going to be a memory one day, someday. Only HE is forever alive. Forever to live and is an immortal entity.


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