Daddy. I love you. From the very first moment I realized who I am and How you have struggled so much to make me the person I am today. The Girl that you have raised me to be. The human being that you have transformed me into. I couldn’t be less thankful and as days pass on and I grew up so big and tall. It’s sad to see you’ve grown so old and weak to not be able to play with me anymore. I miss the strength in your arms that picked me up. I miss the active person who’d help me do everything from my school homework to helping me putting on my socks. You’re my first and last hero. And, do you even know how sad I feel about this that instead of you helping me out with everything, now I have to hold your hand even when you have to sit in your bed. And, That no matter how much I smile, I am always cracking inside. My heart scream out silently because I am not as strong as you are. There’s no word I can find about how much I really love you. No matter what I become, how high I’m qualified, How big of a post I be on.. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing you all healthy and fine. I would give my life to see you doing great!


All this time, when I was small and helpless — you have spoon-fed me with every single thing that I’d do. You have taught me to be a better person. You have raised me a person who helps others and who is always there for everyone. You have taught me from my little babbles to my first steps to my first song. And, help me convert my fears into my strengths, to always be honest and always be selfless regardless of what the situation might be. You have been an example to my honesty and modesty. I learnt from you to live out to the fullest, to enjoy and make others happy. To be joyful and cheerful. You are such a happy person! ❤ Everybody who knows you, respect me being your daughter! They look up at me and encourage me. I have never been so proud my entire life. Your family loves you more than anything for everything you have ever done for them. And, now — we need you to be strong again. You’re sick and weak. And, I can’t see you this way. I want you the same strong as you were! You’re my inspiration, my strength, the love of my life, and my EVERYTHING! And, If i have to choose between you and my life – I’d choose you because You are my Life! ❤ MY entire existence in a person. Yes, it’s YOU, Baba! 




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