How afraid I get without You

I needed a hero, So i became one. :)

I needed a hero, So I became one. 🙂

Being a human, We are strong like a rock; fragile like a feather – Altogether
I’ll tell you a story and I know you’ll cry
My words often times get way to monotonous
May be because I am so filled with a heartache
I see the weather isn’t hot anymore – it’s all gloomy
And the clouds aren’t really pouring, they’re crying
I stand here all on my own and I watch the world running in a rush
Nobody, nobody bothers to look around while I stand here
May be all this time I was wondering what is it that I am afraid of?
And, I found an answer within myself
I am afraid of myself, when you’re not here
And, now when things are the way they are
I like standing in the rain, to hide my face all tearful
I like to sit alone too, so I’m not asked what is it that make me cry?
I wonder alone for hours and hours & I look for peace
I find it so hard to be always fighting myself in my head
I find that everything, around me – no more makes any sense to me
I wake up every morning, I don’t want anything and I don’t do anything
I don’t say anything and I remain quiet all day long
For some reason I am okay to be on my own
Because the answer to all of the questions
Is “You” – yes, Only “You” —
Only, if only – I can explain How afraid I really am
How scared, alone, sad and how cold I really get with the thought
Of being here without you, of being all afraid.


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