I swear.

Lately, it has been a little foggy – deep and dark inside my heart.
It has been a little cold and a little shaggy – a little that I swear
I have been smiling too much. Too much to hide now.
I have been too wild and lively that I forgot it can be taken away any moment
But, I swear, I have been a little not very happy about myself
Or about why it is never the way I have planned things
And, that I have never really complaint either
Because, with all the good things there’s a price
Why’s is that to Happiness it’s life?
I have never had immortal dreams
Does that sounds like I am ready to give up on life that soon?
We all are all alone when we need someone tell us we will be okay
Sometimes, it’s okay to need someone to tell us it’s going to be all fine
And, tell us that it’s okay if all the poems doesn’t end up in a rhyme!
Majorly, that everything has a cost and everything can be lost, too
So if life is the answer to that may be I am all ready to give up all mine
Not that I wouldn’t like to keep it but I want your’s to be there forever
Also, at times when my heart gets so gloomy
I cant help my fingers to stop – to stop whatever is there to fling
I swear, I cannot help to make it stop
Stop my eyes, my heart and my hands.
Cannot stop to lie about how lies are eating me all up
I swear, I swear, I am so sick of lying so much to myself

its strange how much destruction one person can cause inside your heart.

its strange how much destruction one person can cause inside your heart.


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