Family Reunions.

Family reunions; only once in a while – only once in a year when everybody had vocation and we gather up. This is actually the best time in the whole year. To be honest, we go around to so many different places, meet so many strangers, make so many friends. But, at the end of the day; family is all you have. Family is all who have got your back no matter how other people might be judging you. For me, this is one of the precious times. Where we can all gather up, stay up all night, and laugh so much until it hurts our stomach. Going out on adventures with cousins.  Simple, the best things are way too hard to be explained in words. These moments can only be felt. Be cherished after they’re over. And, while you have this time, while you have your family – love these people, love these moments. There’s nothing that can replace these people.


Today, me and all my little cousins went on a jungle adventure and it was an amazingly movie-ish time. I will never forget it. I have really few cousins I feel really happy and comfortable with.


Books. Books are your best friends. And, only those people who truly loves you would take you to your favorite place: Library. ❤

So, many more from this summer’s family reunion. I wish I had the more photos from this time. But, truth is, the actual happy days and moments are those where you forget to click photos and take selfies.
Hope there are more such unions. Hope more such days. Hope more such times. Amen.


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