The month of Blessings

The holy month of Blessings has already arrived and aren’t we just so much lucky to have another chance to live it yet again?
Many of us loves looking at the stars. This month, try counting the stars and match every single one of them with the reason of how we are so much blessed. Bet, the stars will fall lesser to the blessings bestowed upon up. Imagine yet we tend to be sinful? And, do things we are not suppose to do!

How about make the best use of this virtuous month and repent for once and for all. I know the sweetness of these days can not be defined in words. Yet again, lets make a difference by our actions. Stop doing the things that takes you away from Allah Swt. Everything else can wait. But, you never know if you will ever get this chance again. Stop bickering about the heat, about the thirst and hunger. Rather utilize this energy into something productive. Make Dua,  lots of Dua, More than you do in normal days. Find reasons to get close to your Creator.


It’s been said that, “All the water in the world. the oceans and the seas, can not extinguish the fire of Hell. But, a single teardrop shed for Allah, can save Us” Subhan’Allah. What else can we ask for? A single tear for all the sins that we have been doing and Allah would forgive us if we cry before Him only once. No doubt He’s one and only and the most Forgiving.

I feel so blessed to be among the people to have survived  made it to another Ramadhan. Many of us just didn’t. And, We never know if we could make it to another one. So Pray to Him, and the best part is one doesn’t always have to put it into words. He always understands unlike human beings. He resides right inside our hearts, So close to Us. Yet we complaint about how so many of the things we wish for go unanswered. I swear once, just for once forget everything and ask for Allah’s Qurb and Muhhab’a. Ask Him, from Him. Ask Him to bless us with the treasures of Akhirah and a life full of hayya and izzat in this World, for we are only here for a while. All of this is an illusion and it will end any moment. This Ramadhan, Ask Allah to help us become better Muslims, better Human beings. To become what we are suppose  to become, to live for what we are sent. All of your desires will seem to have no value once you know how sweet and beautiful it really is to be a person close to Allah.


May this month put an end to all of our pains and worries, May our beautiful Country be protected from all the bad things. And, All the days ahead are better and beautiful in Allah’s qurb. May all of our prayers be answered and all those that go unanswered,may we get something better than that. I have heard a prayer never go a waste even when unanswered. It always comes back in the shape of something better and more beautiful. Let’s pledge to grow more closer to Allah, our real purpose. Ameen.



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