Final Thoughts Towards Tomorrow

I don’t know what is making me write this but I have a few final thoughts after a little bit of surveying. I have found out that we are living in such a materialistic world, where everything is being so controversial and human life has minimum safety. Love doesn’t exist and feelings are all impure. So many humans talking about all of these things already, I known right. But, how many actually walks up and stands before all the odds to be different in a good way. I know being being human is the very answer to why we are all so full of flaws, enmity, hostility, disrespect, falsehood and so many other things more poisonous than we can ever imagine. I believe there’s a way out . We can make it different. I know that we lie, about so many things. We lie about what we are the most afraid to confess. We lie because we are afraid we will be judged and so many other things. We have given up all the good things, even the good thoughts and good will. We are loosing it very badly everyday and I am scared it’s not very late we will all be shattered around. We confess hatred out loud but not love. Nothing would be lost if we do things on the contrary. Ain’t being successful together better than being successive alone? I am so afraid at times to go out not because there are dangerous animals, but because I’m afraid of human beings. I’m afraid I’ll be harmed or harassed and I know it’s not only me, I’m not alone with these fears. There’s a whole lot of people with the same thoughts and the same ferocity. I want to make a difference if my word matters. If this to you too is a mater we should change, then lets work on it.
I want to live in a place with no savagery, brutality, barbarity, fierceness, violence, aggression and bloodthirstiness. Is that too hard to believe that there will be a place like I dream?
This is my heartfelt voice. I believe with love and with hands together we can overpower whats destroying us. There’s always an analysis to the problems we face and to this it’s that we should stand together, with love and togetherness we can empower what’s impossible. The way towards a changed and better tomorrow is no other than this. And, I believe you too have been thinking of all these but, Hey – Since I helped change these thoughts into words, now let’s together change these into Actions  as well 🙂


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