Colors and Colors.

So, pondering over why is important to be colorful. The only answer I can come up with is that perhaps we all need a little spiced up tragedies and weird combinations. Truth is, If we had no color, there would have been no life at all. I find it hard to believe that things would have been black and white since they are colors too. The image I get in my head thinking of a colorless world is dreadful. I even fail to imagine, even imaginations are full of them. A world of baffled off and uninteresting. May be that’s something, thoughts deny to eradicate.

I have been always in love with colors. Colors intrigues me so much, where ever I go, whenever I find them strike my eyes, it’s like Colors make me so happy. Wonder how one hell of a panic would it be, to be in a place colorless and transparent. How hollow and annoyingly disturbing.

Colors are really important, it’s like a therapy you need every once in a while. They like the smoke to when we are high. Colors reflect the moods and the emotions and I read somewhere that working with charged colored waters is actually used as a therapy for different diseases.

For a person like me, it is so hard to actually think of a single day without these amazingly adorable colors. May be I’d define that as blindness. Since, I don’t think there’d be anything worth seeing if we had no colors and the brightness that they bring and the love that they fling and they put smiles on all the through spring and all the days before that and the days after that. It’s like every moment ^_^


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