Here Are My Answers.

I have questions. And, I need answers to them. I want to know why certain “why’s” exist. And, Why am I so vulnerable to fact that you know me so well. I wonder if it’s not only me with these questions. Why have I chosen these metaphors to destroy me, even though they don’t have the power to! I feel so sorry for myself because somehow I know why is it this way. For why I feel hurt and happy to the worldly things. May be I have been too much believing on may be’s and I let them destroy my entire entity. There’s so much on my head. So much I need to let out and scream and fist those people right in the stomach because they have been making me so sad in the reward to me loving them. Sighs* Just like so many others, I, too have made my life to tough and hard. So for once in a while, I want to be free. stop looking for the answers and stop asking Why. Be myself and live only  for my own. For once, let’s be selfish. Because that’s how it works. You see everyone is only there for you because they want to be there. They’re nice because they need You. For a second I thought, that may be I have picked up the wrong people as my friends — but mistakes happens once or twice or may be thrice even — but No! Truth is, Everyone is that way. They will only use you. You feel so happy in the beginning that you’re so lucky and all. These are all your sweet-tooth fantasies. Reality is a total different thing. It’s very harsh outside your home and comfort zone. People are like zombies. They will only eat you up because to them, you are like, “Mummm.. So tasty”. That’s how it really is.

I stopped asking questions because I pretty much found out that the more you seek love from outside. The more it hurts right in your heart. 🙂 The rule is very simple and I just stated it too. I will always and always tell everyone to love who actually loves you. Love those who deserve your love in real. Don’t let your heart be vulnerable or yourself so some asshole’. Don’t let your secrets out. And, be the person you will never regret. Sometimes, I regret being me. The person that I’ve chosen to be. I feel sad that I helped people and gave them a part of me and my life to make them happy.You see, they never get happy. They’ll always keep you second. So make distances from people who are first to you and they keep you second. Don’t let them hurt you. Why do they even have the power to? 

I have my answers now because people those have hurt me. I have wasted my tears on people who did not deserve them. And, only then I have been able to write this. So may be after reading this, You know you don’t have to let those unwanted people hurt you. Because You’re precious and they don’t have to play with something as delicate as your heart and feelings.


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