Just a li’l curious, or may be a lot!

I am not into you. I am just curious about you. About what you do? Go through the photos of you. Just to know how it actually feels like to be You – in particular. I am not really very fond of staring at You! or even if I am, I would never let it out. I will never let it show, I just want to know what you like in breakfast? Or, do you just go for brunch! 😀 Are you fond of Tea, too? Are you really that profound or is it that i read your eyes a bit wrong. Was it a delusion – an unknown illusion. I think of why you are always on my head, right in front of my eyes when I have them closed. Walking in my unconscious mind and thoughts! I often wonder what would you be doing in the midnight? Fast asleep or just a night-owl like Me. My thoughts do crumble and creep through Me & then they stumble at one point making me very very Awkward. Do you sometimes like to go out and roam aimlessly, or just sit on your own or even just walk alone? All at back of those bunch of people – You always are like that? Not letting your heart confess what it actually wants? Are you really a book worm? Or did you just held that one to stay a li’l longer? 🙂 Do You like Grilled chicken sandwiches? Umm.. Even if you do I don’t really know how to make them. It’s just that I love them – thought you’d love them, too? Do you own a car, a bike – something or even anything at all to make me believe you actually do go out and exist out of that building in the world outside? What is the name next to your first name? Why do you always look like thaat?? What’s your favorite Ice-cream flavor? Are you a talking person or just as quiet as Me? What’s the mystery? Reveal it to me! Why do you not pass-by a lot? Why always invisible when I look out for you? Do you even know my name. Have you ever wondered what it would be? Do you sometimes like Cold coffee? Why are you really that tall? Why do you make me wonder so many things and make me come up with so many stupid Questions. Questions I’d never find the answers to. I know too many WHY’s! Yeah! And, You will never be able to find out who you are and who “I” am — Unless you look up of that book and come up with exact the same number of Why’s as I did. & I bet I am going to win this one. I always WIN! 🙂


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