Be Grateful !



I , always used to have so many complaints about how unfair life really is to me. How there are so many things I am constantly asking for but there’s a delay in the answer. I used to cry over nights and the next morning if someone would ask me why? I would say “Another sleepless night” – Forgetting it was just another night where I did not thank Allah for all virtues and all the millions of blessings I was blessed with. I was forgetting the most important part of my life where I needed to show my complete gratitude to Allah (S.W.T.) I did not just realize it overnight. it took me a lot of time and effort, a lot of heart breaks and tears until I realized all the faults were right inside of me. How I overlooked the most precious of my belongings and blessings. I was just too blind to see. Allah is the most forgiving and despaired all of my faults right when I asked for forgiveness and learnt I was blissfully blessed. I have beautiful family. I have the wealth of health. The smile I wake up every morning with – ain’t just to live for and die for too? life is full of blessings. It’s just us who get too late to focus on those things. we cry too much and for too much of the useless stuff. My story is weird.. I know there are things that still are important to me, things that are no luxurious but important, things that I’d ask for in my prayers and cry when I would’t get a speedy answer. But, then I came across something – That if ALLAH is delaying in answering your prayers and fulfilling your plans, may be HE just planned something more wonderfully awesome for you. Something more that you actually prayed for. Something beyond your mind that you had no idea you deserved. That’s how it is. ALLAH’s plans are always better and perfect.. It’s just us who complaints too much. Our Beloved Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) – who was so dear to ALLAH , could have asked for anything for HIMSELF but instead HE spent sleepless nights, Praying to ALLAH for Us. For the Muslim Ummah! What do you think? Aren’t we just luckier than any other nation or country or any group of people around the world. All my tears of dismay just changed into tears of thankfulness and regret for I should have realized all this earlier. But, it was meant for now – no sooner or no later but just NOW ! Know that when you feel like asking from ALLAH , HE’s actually planning to give you. So, Ask for what you feel you deserve. Ask for forgiveness! I haven’t been through life much though but a little that I have , taught me some wonderful lessons. while my work time in the hospital, I saw people , sick people ! I could read in their eyes how hard they wished to walk and smile and laugh like people around them. I saw very young people and very old people and little children crying in pain. For the very first time I actually realized what laid within those saddened walls. Everyday someone would die. Everyday a new baby was born. Life and death were like a routine thing there. Pain was there within many eyes and on the faces of people. When I would come back to my room, laying in my bed and would closed my eyes for a little rest. I would see their faces. It would not make me happy but sad. A lot sad than I have ever been in my life and I wished I could actually do something for them. But, I could not do a lot though except for a little prayer. I know no matter how sad all those people has made me, could never make me feel what they are actually going through. How wrenched up and teared they hearts were. I could never feel the pain that they actually felt and that’s the point that made difference. It could have been me instead of anyone else there. But no, ALLAH has made me lucky enough. HE gave me good food to eat, clothes to put on, roof to be safe in, friends to laugh with, family to be happy with, enough prosperity to be literate to understand a lot many things that a lot many people can’t. He gave me hands, feet, hair, fingers, eyes, nose, tongue, brain and heart! and what not? He gave me a perfect body. I saw there are many handicapped people. He has privileged me in a million ways that even if I spend my complete life  time thanking HIM – It’s just never going to be enough! Yet, many of us after so many of the blessings tend to disobey HIM. Not remember to thank HIM before going to sleep every night. We have accommodated so much of the useless and materialistic stuff in our hearts and in our minds that we have forgotten our basic purpose that HE sent us here for. It’s sad – Sadder than sad! May be I am one in this category too. Often I forget my purpose.And I wish I don’t again. I don’t want to again. we have all become short tempered and ill-mannered. We have started to love our possessions more than our relations. We spend time with things and not with the people we are meant to be with. Then, we regret it and miss them when they leave us all alone. We think we have grown up so fast and we know so much – we disobey our parents and tell them we know better. It sadden me up how and where this generation is going to end up! I hope we realize, realize what we are here for. What we have been sent in for. The things we take for granted, some one else is praying for that. I hope ALLAH help and guide and support us. Ameen! =)


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