Because YOU are all I ever NEED <3

No other sun has ever lighted my sky, No other star has ever shone in my nights. these lights and the glitters lightening my darker hours have always been sent by *YOU*. The dreams in my sleepless nights and the soothness when I get really cold, they are all Your blessings that help me get through all the obstacles. These tears I cry makes me feel lighter, I feel better. Thank you for everything you have blessed me with. No single smile has ever been able to make me happy, when YOU weren’t in my heart ❤ No wind, no breeze has ever been able to give me a message from a loved one – Because, there’s none but YOU! You can always be beside me when there’s no one. Your imaginative bound-ness always sorrounds me, When the worldly love fails to! I am really glad that you are like no other human because they always leave me behind! I’m blessed to be who I am and what I am & where I have groomed up and whatever I have become until now. Because, you take up all of my faith, when I am all crumbled up, YOU have been all the good to me. Just because I am not like them or I am inferior. Things that doesn’t matter to me, Doesn’t matter to YOU either. So, I am more than Blessed to have YOu; My LORD ❤

– Because You are all I have
And, You are all I ever NEED ❤


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