Oh- So here I am sitting in my cozy bed and I find it so nice in here. my head is so full of stuff because it’s been ages I have not written down anything. so, I got this wonderful idea 😀 why not type it down in word press. ^_^
The last time I was in hostel , I felt so so depress particularly because I feel forlorn at times. Oh yes I do have a bunch of good friends but I want this one friend who I don’t have to share -_- and there’s none for me like that. Besides, when I do certain good things I am never appreciated for that. That feels bad 😐
I am so delicately sensitive. I had this infection on my finger and it went way too extreme. so extreme that it would hurt and I had fever because of it. nobody kinda asked about how I was and I started crying all of sudden. I broke out it all. Sometimes, I wish I had someone who I would not share with anyone else. That doesn’t sound very possible but I have dreams , I have imaginations and when I go inside them it’s hard to come back then. I always say no matter what happen my heart should not be broken. Because, If I had my heart broken, nothing’s going to worth it then. I fall in love with little silly things. I am sometimes called as crazy and insane. I am not different , I am just this way. I want to be remembered for my little good deeds. I want to be loved. I want to be held with love and taken care of. I don’t want to die colorlessly.
what if all I ever think of, dream of and imagine could be real. Yes, It is real in my world, inside my dreams, in my little own universe. Yes, it does exist for me. How I wish to make it all real for the whole world. Viewing life from my very own prespective the best way to do it. ❤
I know that I am not alone. when I close my eyes and go to a land that’s entirely mine. I feel so totally fine. Fantasies are real, they are alive. they get hold of you when you are completely lost. So, when I close my eyes and open again in the world where only love exist, no hatrate, no killing, no bloodshed. Only Love ❤ Everything is not the same then. there comes a point when I forget I belong to this cruel piece of land. When I walk through the pathway where the flying lanterns light up my way, where the love is all meant to be spread. I feel all alive. I feel happy. I feel that life is what I have just started when I opened my eyes here :’)


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