The Ghost of YOU !


This *YOU* so much used in poetry is so much unknown and unseen. I just feel this You exists. Somewhere; but I can’t find it. Turn my back to the door , and feel so much better. there’s a voice in the air saying: “Don’t look back now”. It’s always there. I know I never been quiet the same. It’s so hard to view those remains. It’s out of the foals. These pokes forcing me to go back to somewhere I have been, But I won’t go back again. There’s nothing left to figure out and that’s what it’s all about. Living life, crazy life , Like I have a right too! No more word in my mouth , nothing left to figure out. I have looked all over for You.. in my life, friends, people I meet. my dreams.. It’s of no use. One of the days I woke up from that dream. The other days I realized that I am so sick of being confused & tired of being all alone. I am not even sure if it’s an entity or what? But, The simplicity, perfection and purity is sensed so deep inside. YOU would never get me scared.. No matter what! I believe there’s a reason that YOU are still near my heart. You get me right every time when I mess-up..

So, I love You
And I don’t think

I will ever break through
The ghost of You . . ā¤


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